Money Back From Medicare

Orthopedic mattresses seem useful because they allow persons with medical conditions to sleep more comfortably than they would on a Best Mattress for everyone. Inexpensive alternatives to orthopedic beds are not readily available. Sometimes Medicare may pay up to 80% of the price of an orthopedic mattress. Medicare indeed covered orthopedic mattresses. Find your reimbursement information below. As long as the bed meets Medicare’s criteria for “prescription medicines” (DME) and is used by a patient recuperating from such an accident, medical problem, or handicap, then Medicare will reimburse the cost of the mattress. To have Medicare cover the cost of a new bed, you’ll need a doctor’s letter and to purchase the mattress from just a supplier that accepts Medicare.

Coverage Of Orthopedic Mattresses By Medicare

Mattresses but instead comforters may be covered by Medicare depending on the patient’s diagnosis and prescribing physician. Pressure points are reduced, while spinal alignment is enhanced with an orthopedic mattress, making sleep more pleasant and reducing medical issues. An orthopedic mattress is essential if you have a disease that necessitates correct body orientation or wishes to sleep more comfortably. Conditions like arthritis and sciatica are examples of them. In certain cases, Medicare may help pay for an orthopedic mattress.


Inflammation and discomfort in the joints are symptoms of arthritis. Mattresses that don’t provide enough support might be uncomfortable for those with arthritis as they sleep. Mattresses that sag or don’t provide enough support add to the burden of everyday life. An orthopedic bed will give the correct support to alleviate aches and pains in the joints. By reading our guide to the materials used in orthopedic mattresses, you learn more about the benefits of layers for a resting body and then a neutral spine.


In both its acute and recurring forms, sciatica is usually caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve. Avoid back pain and encourage good posture by switching to a firm orthopedic mattress. Orthopedic mattress topper mattresses alleviate sciatica by relieving pressure on the spine and nerves. Medicare covers orthopedic mattresses treatment for sciatica pain. If you suffer from sciatica, you may want to read our article on orthopedic beds. The eco-memory foam throughout this mattress relieves pressure, making it a good choice for those with sciatica. What you should do if an orthopedic mattress gives you back pain and how to choose a sturdy bed are both covered in related articles. In addition, consider these.

Medical Certificate

A doctor’s recommendation that you require an orthopedic mattress to alleviate discomfort and enhance your health would be the first step in obtaining Medicare coverage for such a mattress. Put another way. A medical necessity mattress may only be purchased with a doctor’s note stating as much.

Send In Your Doctor’s Note For Medicare

The patient is responsible for providing Medicare with a statement from their attending physician detailing their medical problem and their requirement for an orthopedic mattress. Medicare will review the submission to determine the patient’s eligibility.

Invest In A Mattress Accepted By Medicare

An orthopedic mattress purchased from a Government healthcare supplier is eligible for benefits. Use Medicare’s website to find just approved providers of beds, which Medicare will then fund. Those vendors that Medicare accepts are represented